I am a collection of nouns.

The three above in my tagline are broad, and I like to think of them as metaphorical umbrellas under which float other descriptive words.

Yes, I am a "writer," but I have a foundation as a "poet." I am aspiring to become a "novelist," as well as a "children's book author." I like to write with Precise V5 Rolling Ball Extra Fine pens, my turquoise Remington typewriter, and my MacBook Air. My black Remington 5 works, but I preserve her. I keep her polished and parked like some people do with vintage cars. She's so pretty.

I am an "artist." There are adjectives and French words under this parasol to further describe my work. I craft "visual" art. I draw with pencil, charcoal, and ink. I stitch with embroidery floss, use Xyline to transfer text or images onto various fabrics, and I transform found objects or articles of clothing into three-dimensional sculptures. Primarily, I make "collages" and "assemblages."

I also do "vocal" work. Collaborating with my husband, Benjamin Dauer, I lend my voice and lyrics to his music. Our duet is called The Dwindlers. We draw inspiration from dreams, nature, and travel. We record in our studio and perform in unique settings. I love speaking into microphones. It's such a soft, echo-of-a-feeling, like talking quietly inside of a cave.

And I am a "teacher." While I have spent much of my career focused on the English discipline, I am now a "Teaching Artist" and "Creative Workshop Instructor." A traditional outline would better illustrate the details of my career, but it would be quite lengthy. Let's just say that so far, I have had students from 5 continents and 45 countries. I've taught 14 English-related classes and 2 Art classes in 6 different states. If I do the math, I've enjoyed the company of approximately 8,800 students. Whew!

So these are the parts of speech that encompass me. Thank you for reading and visiting my site!