The Dwindlers

As part of the duet, The Dwindlers, I work with musician Benjamin Dauer. We've been writing and composing together since 2002, and our process has varied for each album.

Biotic Agents

For Biotic Agents, we play with poetic forms - the pantoum, villanelle, sonnet and some extended and altered minute poems. We love the math of each form and the shared vocabulary of poetry and music, so we pay close attention to meter, repetition and cadence, pushing and pulling on these elements, enjoying the tension. As subject matter for this album, we focus on movement in nature, observing trees, pollinators, reptiles, birds, predators, flora in the wind and seeds in the soil, and we tie these observations to a personal, human story of injury and recovery.


Beautiful Unfamiliar

For Beautiful Unfamiliar, we attempt to honor an experience that changed us forever - living and traveling in Europe. We knew each song would capture a key moment from our time abroad. Channeling the varied emotions we felt in Amsterdam, Berlin, Potsdam, Praque, Paris, and London we wrote the words and music together. We were also fortunate to work with singer/songwriter, Rose Grace, who offered her voice, melodies, and lyrics to our narrative.



For Dreams, the poems came first and the music followed. Talking with Benjamin, I described some memorable dreams I had had. I wrote them into poems, and he composed gorgeous melodies to accompany them. Also, as part of this process, we worked with some incredibly talented artists who inspired and informed the early iterations. We extend our gratitude and send love to: Kelly Smith-Campbell, Rachel Napoli, Mark Hughes, and Stephen Aubuchon. Please enjoy Stephen’s video interpretation of "Pale Blue Dress."